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i keep thinking i’m some random dan fan i follow on tumblr and not actually me

oh dear


daniel radcliffe could have grown up to be so so awful, it would have been so easy for him to be terrible, we are truly blessed to have the danrad that we have

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blake once said that she felt sometimes i hated myself more than i cared about her

i guess in a way she was right


bisexuals at Pride events this summer
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also if anyone goes “but you just picked names that mean things!” i will hurt people

like yes, yes i did

most of these characters are immortal beings who have gone through literally tens if not hundreds of identities depending on time, location, etc and of course they’re going to pick different names some they may identify with more than others like

yeah a character who is essentially a necromancer will maybe choose a name which means grave in a language she knows and loves

this i literally am terrified of if i ever publish my novel series

  • erasing of queer identities to replace them with more easily shippable ones (“cole and annika don’t belong together, her and remy are totally the way fuck remy being gay n shit” “rakin and anybody are totally my otp and they have sex all the time rakin loves it even though he’s asexual bahahaha it’s never stated except for the multiple times it totally is”)
  • erasing of queer identities just because (“annika and maibe weren’t in a relationship” “rakin isn’t asexual”)
  • slut shaming more sexually active or polysexual characters (“man fuck renata and annika and then bitches man”)
  • whitewashing maibe b/c “the egyptians were greek too” or some shit i know they would do that despite the fact maibe is much darker skinned than egyptian mixed with greek
  • racism towards maibe, rakin and indira
  • transphobia towards indira
  • people shipping frankie with rakin :««« (erasing queer identities plus just ugh)
  • people shipping frankie with cole, rakin, remy or annika aka people who were caretakers and big influences and family figures from like birth to age sixteen
  • people shipping any of the teresis together b/c ew
  • people shipping frankie with renata even after the tweest
  • people making jokes about remy’s lover (who i have…not…yet…named…even though i fridged him which i shouldn’t have done i know)
  • just people taking a thing near and dear to my heart and being so shitty with it i can’t stand it

much less the other story i’ve been working on for years that started out as harry potter ocs i made when i was like 9…i will fight anybody who is racist towards any of the babies or makes fun of anything they go through i will legitly do that

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"you can’t ship that, that character has canon interaction with the opposite sex"

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